New 1U rackmount chassis and power supply design passed Intel rigid testsing and being adopted in the Intel hosting center
CAI starts manufacture and assembly rackmount based network appliance for Italy based company Petral.
CAI and Allen Bradley agreed to let CAI manufacture rackmount chassis for its industrial and military computing division
Beep Sounds During Post
What those beep really mean?
From earlier 1980 IBM made first IBM 8086 based PC, it used beep sound to indicate the PC booting status. All the motherboard manufacture from then on, have been using beep sound to indicate the normal or error operations. Original IBM BIOS was contract developed by Phoenix. Phoenix also developed extended warning messages through different beep sound. AMI is another IBM PC compatible BIOS developer. Both of Phoenix and AMI are widely used in today's motherboard.

Single short beep in many motherboard indicates normal POST (power on self test) for Phoenix BIOS and some AMI BIOS. But some AMI BIOS does not beep at all, if no error detected.

In most popular fatal error beep codes, the following two are most common:
A single long beep followed by two short beeps indicates a video error has occoured and BIOS can not initialize the video screen to display;
A single long beep repeatedly indicates that a DRAM error has occured.

Other beeps include three long beeps indicates keyboard error.

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